K-3 & K-4

Through our carefully researched curriculum, which incorporates all three forms of learning (Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic) to best fit each child's needs.

Through the combination of Abeka Curriculum, Creative Curriculum and teacher created curriculum along with Teacher created lesson plans, the students learn :


   Language Development, Literacy, Math, Social and Character Development,           Science and Nature, Health and Physical Development , Music and Art.  



School Children

Camps are known to build lifelong friendships  along with learning,   We have fun planned activates, hands on special projects, fitness, games and experimenting.

All planned for  preschool through 6th grade.

Children Playing

Spring  Break Camp gives children, preschool through 6th grade, a break from their hard work to do themed activities with hands on learning experiences.

Happy Children Sledding in Snow

Winter Camp is packed with festive activities, games, and more to make children's break memorable and exciting.