Preschool & Elementary

Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege

Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege is comprised of preschool, K3 and K4.  Students in these programs will learn age appropriate, developmental material.  The Abeka program is utilized along with a variety of teaching methods.  We recognize that all children learn in a unique manner, thus we present the material utilizing auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning.  The students take part in structured learning schedules beginning with a nutritious snack and group activities or team building, followed by a structured lesson and class.  Students will have lunch following the completion of learning time and proceed to nap time.  For holidays and special occasions, students will perform in school programs, singing, acting, and demonstrating the development of new skills.


Our K3 and K4 teachers are working towards receiving their

Child Development Associate Certifications.  Additionally, the staff successfully completed courses in childhood education and have been trained in child safety and CPR.  Each of our preschool staff members have a genuine love of education and desire to see students prosper.



FAC Christian School

Learning Center

FAC CS is our private school for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  The Abeka program is the curriculum that is utilized along with a variety of educational opportunities that are provided.  Students receive individual learning attention within the classrooms and are taught key principles using a variety of teaching styles and methods.  The students engage in a structured weekly schedule in which art classes, computer classes, chapel, etc. are integrated.  For holidays and special occasions, students will perform in school programs, singing, acting, and presenting the development of new skills.  These opportunities to be involved in programs not only help the students develop important communication and public speaking tools, but it gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills and talents.


Additionally, at Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege and FAC CS, we have a licensed counselor available to children and families in need of advisement, consultation, and/or instruction.