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Safe Return Services Plan

This document serves to meet the requirement set forth plans for the safe operation of Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege for the school year 2022-2023

Hand Washing

Children and Staff will immediately wash hands upon entering the building. Handwashing will be frequent for 20 seconds with soap and water. Hand sanitizer will be readily available in all areas. 

Social Distancing

Social distancing reminders are posted throughout the center. At this time, we utilize a 3-foot physical distance protocol. However, it may change to 6-foot distance at any time. 

Children's Belongings

Upon entering the building, the children's belongings will be sanitized. The children will each have a plastic shoe box container for their change of clothes and a plastic shoe box container for their school supplies. Each classroom has a water bottle holder for the child's storage of their water bottle throughout the day which will be sent home nightly. Children may fill their water bottle in the drinking fountain, but not drink directly from the fountain. 

Visitor Access

Visitor access to the center is limited.  Anyone experiencing any symptoms of a Communicable Disease will not be permitted inside the building.  Any student or staff member experiencing symptoms of a Communicable Disease will be immediately isolated and must leave the center within one hour of a parent/guardian being contacted. 

The center will follow all SCHD and CDC protocols for the quarantine and isolation of staff and students as indicated in our center handbook. TKK is licensed with ODJFS, and we are required to comply with any and all rules and regulations issued from ODJFS, (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services), CDC (Center for Disease Control) and SCHD (Summit County Health Department) in regards to new or changing health orders. 


Communication between parents/guardians, staff and the center include but are not limited to: USPS (United States Postal Service), email, Remind 101, phone calls and physically distanced face to face meetings. All meetings and phone calls will be pre-scheduled.

TKK is cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Staff is encouraged to open windows on days when outside temperature will allow. 

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