At Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege and FAC Christian School, we recognize the careful consideration that parents and families heed during the process of choosing an education center.  With this is mind, we assist parents and families to the best of our ability by making the enrollment process understandable and simple.  The full registration process is comprised of 4 steps:


1. Screening/Testing of the Student

2. Registration Fee

3. Official Interview of the Parents and Child with the Administration

4. Required Forms Signed, Completed, and Turned In

Upon completion of all four steps, the prospective student will be admitted to our program.  Preschool children are placed into the classrooms according to their birth date and age requirements for kindergarten entrance in the school district where they reside.  All students will be assigned to grade levels or to classes from which they can best profit educationally and in conformity with the resources of the school. Previous performance of the student, results of testing, and special conditions will be taken into consideration.