Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege and FAC Christian School are an affiliation of the First Apostolic Church of Tallmadge.  For 27 years, we have served God, Families, and our Community.  With a strong Biblical standard, we promote Christian principles and strive to be Christ-like in every aspect of life. 


Our center employs qualified and dedicated Christian teachers who are called of God to this special ministry of Christian teaching.  Self-discipline, high moral standards, and professional excellence are expected of our staff on and off campus.  Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege and FAC Christian School are licensed with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and the Association of Christian Schools International.


With a passion for education, a love of learning, and Christian leadership, we offer a versatile Christian education to our students.  It is our objective to afford Christian guidance that will enable children to positively interact and form healthy relationships.  We strive to provide care and educational programs  for children while giving special attention to their safety and well-being.  As educators, we are working to assist their social, intellectual, and spiritual development.  We work diligently to share with the children cultural and Christian values through stories, songs, prayers, and principles of social, moral, and Biblical conduct.  It is our mission to provide students with an exemplary education and provide families with support in the learning and growth of their children.